Who Loves Money Product Launch Update

Here is some updated information on the “Who Loves Money” product launch. As you can imagine trying to obtain any reliable information is not easy but these few snippets have been released by the product owners Kyle and Carson.

Who Loves Money Bag Of Tricks…

“Actually it is our current bag of tricks…zero investment techniques that we are using right now to make money online. We work with individuals ranging from absolute beginners to people grossing over ONE MILLION dollars every year online. We know what it takes to succeed, and we are bringing out the whole bag of tricks in Who Loves Money.”

So there we have it again. A repeated reference to “zero investment”. If this is the case it will be a nice change from buying a product then having to spent hundreds of dollars to implement the information.

Slight of Hand Tricks

“When performing any trick for an audience you need to learn how to address them in order for your trick to be effective. Slight-of-hand tricks do not work unless you know what you are doing as a magician. In the same way promoting products online will not work if you don’t know how to deal with your audience. We are going to give a set of techniques you can utilize to approach any industry and KNOW that you will succeed within that industry.”

It’s a shame they could not be just a little more specific here. We are getting battle hardened against teasers from all the other products and sometimes some extra information would be nice rather than allowing us to let our imagination fill in the facts. After all, we can skim through a book in a bookstore can’t we?

The Science of Distraction

“We are even going to show you how you can make a helicopter appear on your stage! Not really, but something very close. We are going to destroy all those myths about “it taking a lot of money to make a lot of money”. Single handedly, we are going to rip apart this fable and personally hand you the success platter that can take you anywhere you like. Whether it be $100/day or $1000/day, it is all possible. You are going to be able to perform the greatest Houdini tricks of Internet marketing, and barrel over your competition (if they don’t start running first!).”

Well of course it sounds impressive. In fact it sounds just as impressive as all the other hundreds of products promising a guaranteed online income!

All About the Numbers!

“We are going to reveal to you how you can mathematically become a success on the Internet. This trick will be the only one you need to master the Internet and never look back. This will take you beyond anything that David Copperfield or Criss Angel could ever teach you, and the main thing that is going to be affected from using our “trick of numbers” is your bank account (and how big it will grow).”

More teasing. I wonder what “Who Loves Money” has that DayJobKiller, GuruSlayer, Rich Jerk, (need I go on?), fails to provide?

“When broken down, Internet marketing is a game of numbers and “Who Loves Money” is going to reveal how you can play these numbers for guaranteed success. This is like playing the lottery and knowing in advance which numbers will be drawn. You will be a winner every time!”

It is true that IM is a numbers game but it’s the same the world over for any sales oriented business not just “Who Loves Money” and the Internet. Not everybody can be a winner every time otherwise nobody would be working day jobs.

To sum up I would say we still don’t have much information on “Who Loves Money” but it is a product worth being aware of mainly because the product authors are real life guys who already have some successful products behind them. They also have a loyal following which they won’t wish to offend.

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